Why does our organization need diversity and inclusion training?

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) training is recommended for all organizations and businesses regardless of size or number of employees. Organizations must ensure they are providing a fully inclusive workplace for everyone. D&I awareness training provides insight into the makeup of your employees, help shape your organization's corporate culture, and allow you to attract and retain talent.  Organizations risk losing their competitive edge if they have not addressed the benefits D&I brings to the workforce.

We have a diversity and inclusion strategy already within our organization how can we benefit from assessment?

Excellent! Keep in mind that research and best practices in diversity and inclusion are continuously evolving. As our community becomes more diverse,  our workforce will reflect this shift in demographics.  If your strategies are a few years old, they may require revision and updating to include current research.  New and innovative ways to address diversity and inclusion are always being discovered,  it's better for organizations to stay current and up to date with the most recent D&I findings.

We do not have D&I included in our budget, how can we acquire training?

Embracing diversity is essential, which is why we offer programs tailored to all budgets. The fact is, most organizations cannot afford NOT to implement D&I awareness.  Lack of awareness may end up costing the company more and negatively impacting decision-making, profitability and their overall bottom line. We want to work with you, which is why  we also offer competitive packages and offer special packages for non-profits and charitable organizations.

We have an internal D&I team, why hire a D&I consultant?

 Objectivity is necessary, and evaluating diversity with a fresh set of eyes will ensure nothing is overlooked, and organizations are set up for success. As D&I training usually falls under the role of Human Resources,  it is valuable to consult with a subject matter expert.

Why Divonify?

At Divonify, we are focused on achieving global D&I objectives and benchmarks through a holistic approach. We recognize that everyone within an organization has a unique story to tell and brings a different perspective with them everywhere they go. Our consultants are trained in diversity and leadership and have extensive experience working in a variety of industries including public, private, not for profit and technology.  Fully inclusive organizations make everyone part of the conversation, as well as identify areas for growth, we provide tools and measurements, but most importantly, continual follow-up. We work with you every step of the way.