Divonify is a consulting company specializing in holistic Diversity & Inclusion (D&I).

Fuelled by a passion for creating fully inclusive environments that support diversity, Our team of Inclusionists specialize in providing innovative diversity and inclusion consultation, coaching, training, and progress measurements that help reach research-based benchmarks and current global inclusion best practices.

Starting with our commitment to helping leaders achieve a fully inclusive workforce, eliminating barriers and addressing biases. 

 Identify, Embrace, Unify

We help you IDENTIFY the diversity that exists within all of your environments, whether at work or at play. We work with you to EMBRACE differences that exist, through training, coaching and thorough assessments. We provide guidance as you foster a truly inclusive environment where everyone is UNIFIED.

"We are not just D&I consultants we are strategists who are passionate about creating a corporate culture where everyone is included and our differences are seen as strengths."
Colleen Sargeant James CEO and Cofounder
"Diversity and inclusion isn’t a short term project, but a lifelong journey"
- Daren James, Cofounder & Director of Business Innovcation
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  1. Daren James
    Daren James
    Cofounder & Director of Business Innovation
  2. Colleen Sargeant James
    Colleen Sargeant James
    CEO & Cofounder
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